The Way It Used To Be​
The Farmer's Wife is based on some pretty basic ideas.  Do things like our grandparents did.  Work hard, Eat clean, Spend quality time with people we want to share it with.  That's all!
The Menu is Comfort Food
Everything on the staple menu is brought to you with love.  Food my children grew up eating for Sunday dinner.  We have perfected the recipes over the years and invite you to our table to share in some classic American favorites. "Sunday Dinner"
Coastal Comforts​
Get to know the Farmers
Some of the favorites on the menu include Stuffed Quahogs (Co-hog), Lobster Rolls, Crab Cakes and Shrimp and Andouille Gumbo, Meatloaf, Pot Roast and Chicken Pot Pie.  
I know they're not all local but they are organic
      Mondays & Tuesday    

Wednesday - Saturday
      11am - 9pm      

Sunday Burnch
              and Bloody Bar            
10am - 2pm
We use local farmers, meat handlers and RSA's such as, Kettle Range Meats, Growing Power, LOTFOTL, and West Allis Farmer's Market.  We've Partner with Anodyne to bring you the best coffee from Milwaukees own organic roaster
At The Farmer's Wife we always aim to please.  We are aware that almost everyone has dietary preferences or needs and we know we can't please everyone all of the time, but we will give it a hell of a try.  A Lot of our staple menu items are gluten friendly, some meat free, and others dairy free. Our daily menu will also have offerings from each group.   Daily dinners can be served as large platter items to feed groups of 4 or more, just ask.
You name it!  Our staple menu doesn't change and includes favorites like Meatloaf, Chicken Pot Pie, Beef Pot Roast and Burgers. Our daily menu is always filled with farmer influenced dishes to tempt your tummy.